Mussoorie, India

It felt like I was visiting a different world. Everyone seemed so busy in their daily tasks and didn’t give a second glance at outsiders. I suppose that’s what it must feel like if you live in a quaint tourist town. Mussoorie is a hill station town in Uttarakhand, 3 hours away from Dehradun, the nearest airport. It maintains its colonial charm and feeling of living in a safe quiet place.

I visited Mussoorie for a few days during Diwali when it was cold, not the peak of the tourist season when people from Delhi and nearby states flock here. Even so, it felt smaller everytime I ventured out and how this tiny town can accommodate so many more people, cannot be fathomed.

The View

The view from my balcony was incredible. You could get a slight peek of the snow clad Himalayas as well when the skies were clear. Sunrises and sunsets looked very complex among the mountains and little hills dotting the horizon.

mussorie india 1

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Mall Road

Mall Road is the promenade of Mussoorie, infamous for disallowing Indians during the British Raj, now it has a mix of culture. You have local shops selling everything from nylon ropes to woolen coats to jewelry to sweets. Murals on the wall are nice to look at but for some reason feel out of place. There’s an aquarium, the Mussoorie Library, gazebos, cycle rickshaws and stunning views of Mussoorie throughout the road. Traffic gets quite bad at times with the taxis and cycle rickshaws dominating the roads. Pedestrians are left to work their way through the crowds.

mussorie india 2

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mussorie india 23


Padmini Niwas

This is a hotel I frequented for lunch and dinner. Didn’t stay there but they have a friendly (and rather lazy) household dog called Moti. The hotel maintains it’s colonial aesthetics in the building, the interiors and also maintains a lavish garden. They also sell seeds for many flowers.

mussorie india 10

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mussorie india 41


Laal Tibba

It’s supposed to be the highest point in Mussoorie. I found to journey to Laal Tibba more engaging than the view to be honest. But there were interesting things to view along the road. You get a good view of Himalayas from here, it looks magical.

mussorie india 24

mussorie india 25

mussorie india 26

mussorie india 27

mussorie india 28

mussorie india 40


Company Garden

A great place to bond with nature. Now it has rides, a restaurants, more kids and family appropriate.

mussorie india 18

mussorie india 19

mussorie india 39

mussorie india 20


Tibetan Buddhist Temple

I hadn’t visited one for quite a while and it’s very serene despite the loud colours. The prayer wheels are another addition which tourists will enjoy.

mussorie india 29

mussorie india 30

mussorie india 31

mussorie india 32

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mussorie india 43



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