Copenhagen, Denmark

I visited Denmark in June 2013, the weather was cold (for me) but a lot of sunshine. It’s so quaint and quiet, you almost feel like you are intruding.

The City and Around

The city looks quite small but it’s very charming. So many people on bicycles and so few on cars, it’s great to see that. People were out and about enjoying the sunshine. I noticed how different the street lights are, no view hindering lamposts. They’re suspended on wires and it looks rather good. There’s a lot of modern architecture around the city as well.

copenhagen denmark 13

copenhagen denmark 40

copenhagen denmark 33

copenhagen denmark 34

copenhagen denmark 37

copenhagen denmark 38

copenhagen denmark 41

copenhagen denmark 39

copenhagen denmark 9

copenhagen denmark 4

copenhagen denmark 36



Gefion Fountain

It’s a lovely fountain with the Steaming Bull Statue atop. There’s a lot to capture around it as well. It’s located near the harbour with peculiarĀ sculptures on the lamp posts around it; never seen anything like it. They all look like characters out of a fairytale.

copenhagen denmark 31

copenhagen denmark 30

copenhagen denmark 29



The Little Mermaid Statue

No visit to Copenhagen is complete without visiting here. There was far too much crowd when I visited but I also spotted an amused bird. It’s a shame people vandalize it. I love the photo I’ve taken of it, almost looks like she’s longing to go somewhere.

copenhagen denmark 28

copenhagen denmark 27





The winter palace of the royal family. It has an octagonal courtyard and there are four palaces out of which two are open to the public. Oh my, the rooms are stunning. I particularly liked the hall with the modern paintings. There’s a lot of beautiful baroque work as well.

copenhagen denmark 5

copenhagen denmark 6

copenhagen denmark 2

copenhagen denmark 1

copenhagen denmark 19

copenhagen denmark 17

copenhagen denmark 16

copenhagen denmark 7

copenhagen denmark 8

copenhagen denmark 24

copenhagen denmark 25




The Cruise

I then went to Norway on cruise. The sight of windmills is amazing. The Baltic sea looks so calm.

copenhagen denmark 14

copenhagen denmark 12

copenhagen denmark 11

copenhagen denmark 15

copenhagen denmark 10

copenhagen denmark 3




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